about me

I am a book nerd.

There, I’ve said it. In fact, I’ve been so from a very young age. I started reading when my older brother did – I didn’t want to feel left out. By the age of five I was a Dr. Seuss sponge. To this day, I can recite Green Eggs and Ham.

I was bonkers for the encyclopedia set we had when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure it was World Book. For a farm kid in small-town British Columbia it was my personal portal into the big, wide world. I spent hours and hours reading about other countries, exotic cities, architecture and famous paintings. And don’t get me started on the transparency overlay pages for the anatomy diagrams.

One summer break when I was around ten or eleven, I found my mother’s stash of 1950’s and ‘60’s science fiction novels. Every day, after our farm chores were done, I’d grab one and go squirrel myself away in the barn and read.

I clearly remember moving to The Big City and discovering the public library. I’d go on reading binges. My first year there, it was Charles Dickens. My goal was to read them all. I petered out in the first few pages of Martin Chuzzlewit and never started Sketches by Boz, but I read all the rest. Another year it was Kurt Vonnegut – everything by Kurt Vonnegut. After Seuss, he’s probably the biggest influencer on my own writing DNA.

Although my career path took me in another direction, adventure and storytelling were in my blood all along. My new book-goals have spread from reading to writing (although I still read most anything I can get my hands on.)

So why rock+paper+pen? The short answer is “scissors” was taken (story of my life, someone is always taking my scissors). Also it sums up the three passions of my life which I am perpetually juggling: building, designing, writing. This is my place to drone on about all three.

on the deck photo